Сёрфинг на краю земли или неописуемая красота Южной Африки / Моя

Afrique Serfing

It's scary to go to Africa, there's revolutions and hell in the stairs.

Egypt is definitely not, it's not very stable, it's buses moving in the desert. It doesn't happen to everyone, of course, but when it happens to some of the friends, I certainly don't want to be there after that.

Indeed, Morocco might be an option based on nature and situation. But it must be understood that Morocco is a very, very specific State, the Muslim State in the world, with about 98 per cent of the inhabitants of Islam. This is not a critical factor, but to be considered.

Don't think I'm leaning paints, but I would highly advise civilized and calm Europe. In Portugal, there are great earrings, great earrings, beautiful nature, and there's something else to see besides the ocean, waves and rocks.