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Marmaris Serfing

виндсерфинг в Мармарисе фотоWindserfing is a water sport that combines sailing and surfing. For the Windserfing, a small sailboard is used, which is propelled by the wind. The board can be compared to a small boat, but it is managed by inclination of the mast with sail or inclination from the board itself.

Depending on the temper and nature of the athlete, Windserfing opens Each one of its lines. It's either an unsuccessful leap in smooth water, coupled with an unrepetitive recreational nature for one, or a cattle of huge waves with an infinite leap for adrenaline amateurs. Everyone chooses their kind of Windserfing. In most cases, however, after the first roll, Windserfing becomes a way of life, a means of self-expression of athletes.

Impact of Windserfing on organisms

виндсерфинг в Мармарисе фотоPhysical load at Windserfing has a positive influence on organisms.♪ This type of sport has a static load, like yoga exercises.

In Windserfing, one of the main tasks of the athlete is to maintain a balance on the seawave board. As a result of the Windserfing, a large number of calories are burned, all muscles are tightened, their tone is increased. Many women note a decrease in pulp symptoms in problem areas. If you have the right meals for a two-week vacation, you're gonna lose your body and all this when you're doing your favorite kind of sport in comfort conditions on sea laps.

Windserfing is a movement on a board of sea simplicity, giving unforgettable feelings of freedom. Everyone feels like a winner of himself, a winner of a marine poem and a master of his life. After having this type of active rest, everyone will be rightly proud of himself.

виндсерфинг в мармарисе фото

Windserfing in Marmaris

Marmaris and his environs are one of the most suitable places in Turkey for Windserfing.

The coastline in the vicinity of Marmaris has been cut by bays and bays. On the one hand, it makes water quiet at sea, and on the other hand allows small winds to blow the coast freely. On the part of the Aegean Sea, there are always winds that allow even newcomers to develop this fascinating sport. From May to October, the northern wind of Meltemi is blowing, and the wind is the most powerful in July-August. The hottest is summer months.

Turkey ' s most popular place for Windserfing near Marmaris - Bukhta Hisaren. and the Gulf Gekova near Akyaka.

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