Onean – электрический серфинг без волн

No Wavering

Onean – электрический серфинг без волнAquila Boards has spent a lot of effort and resources over the past few years in developing a surf reactive board that is planned to be produced under Onean's brand. The project was developed jointly with the Bizintek Engineering Company.

As a result of fruitful cooperation, Aquila Boards is prepared to offer the consumer a whole line of different Onean reactivative boards. They are expected to vary by their power, colour palette and dimensions. Although the last attribute will be directly related to power. The boards will indeed allow the water to move without waves. As stated in the press release, speed can be stablely high, or very high for adrenaline amateurs. The value and date of sale is not yet known.

Onean – электрический серфинг без волн Onean – электрический серфинг без волн Onean – электрический серфинг без волн Onean – электрический серфинг без волн

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