Photographs Of The Surf

Text Tim McKENNA
All the photos: Tim McKENNA (published with the author ' s personal authorization/Courtesy of the author)

The esthetic aspects of the surf attracted and inspired many modern photographers. Since the 1980s, some have been specializing in a photo shoot of the surf, meeting requests from sports publications, manufacturers of equipment and sponsors, photographic agents and other consumers.

Despite the fact that the surf world has become a globally recognized and developed industry, the image of this sport continues to be a low-cost activity. Substantial investments in equipment and the need to maintain it on a continuous basis due to interaction with the wet and salted environments create persistent problems. The cost of travel is also very high. The situation is also complicated by the fact that nature never provides ideal survey conditions. Patience is the key word for the photographer when the weather starts to scream.

The uniqueness of surf photographs is the possibility of creating unusual personnel and the need for a variety of technologies. The quality of your equipment is very important here. It must be really professional, though you can get great results and amateur cameras. But working every day, you'll still be able to acquire a good line of tele-objectives, light-powered snakes and cameras with developed serial capability.

Many photographers buy specially designed waterproof boxes under their equipment. To film vocational trainingwill need an object with a focus distance of 600 mm. It's absolutely necessary. I suggest that we start with a good, light-powered universal zuma with a focus distance of 70-200 and invest in more specialized objects.

Modern surf photographer travels with a machine valued from $100,000 to $300,000. Add a new laptop in the country and a full set of stationary computer equipment for the home. All these equipment needs constant maintenance, cleaning of salt water and dust, insurance and pgreade. Technicians must always be in good working condition.