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Russian Surfing

Bulli Surf Cup and LocalsOnly festival in St. Petersburg

Russian surf bublli Surf Cup


Place: St. Petersburg, Lasca Beach

Type of competition: personal sports competitions (professors/mates)




Conditions of admission: citizens over 18 years of age are allowed to participate in competitions

* When completing the application, it is necessary to:

complete the required information (requirement)

Publish a doctor's print, an admission to surfing competition (detail)

Assurance of the application to the sports committee at the place of receipt

For amateur class competitions, only a completed application is sufficient

Competition registration: The following documents should be made available during registration:

passport of a citizen of the Russian Federation

the original completed application

Recognized classification book or sports title certificate (if any)

compulsory health insurance

The original life and health insurance policy (port insurance)

Competition programme: The Bulli Surf Cup schedule will depend on weather conditions. Start sequence, date and other information as conditions arise.

Initial Protocol:

Definition of winners: Judges of the Bulli Surf Cup Championate will assess the quality of wave travel and the technical performance of tricks. The speed, capacity, melting and monitoring of components will be important criteria. The experts will also take into account the wave itself, its quality, length, size and cross-cutting walls. Two of the best waves of each participant in every driveway.

Order of award: During the Russian surfing Championship in St Petersburg, four sets of medals will be distributed among professionals:

Male board (SUP) (1, 2, 3 seats)

Male shortboard (1, 2, 3 seats)

Spring board (SUP) women (1, 2, 3 seats)

Women ' s shortboard (1, 2, 3 seats)

The victors of the Bulli Surf Cup Champion will be able to become candidates for the prefabricated Russian Federation surf team.