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Sea Surfing

Пляж Бингин (Bingin beach)I've already written that, in the case of Bali, I certainly like his eastern part, with mysterious volcanoes, green hills in smoke, rice fields and almost lubricated beaches.

Two years ago, of course, we went there on several occasions, even at some point, seriously searching the house next to the fabulous, and fully justifying the name of the Drimland Beach. But still, his photogenicity and the possibility of inspiration, even sitting on the shores of a mighty ocean, in the back of the rocks and the cliffs, were not fully appreciated. Last time, I even released an article on the main beaches of Bukita, Jimbaran, Uluwat, Padang Padang, Drimland, Balangan, Nusa Dua and Benois (see here), I really thought that all the coolest places we had already visited.

Пляж Импосибл (Impossible beach)This year, we opened up new beaches, the Serfer Desert Nyang-Nyang, a complete space Pandavia, a romantic Imposibl, and our own soul mate Bingin.
But even after that, I'm looking at the map and I understand that there's more than one, not two, but a lot more beaches hidden behind scalist shores from blinking around the horizon of tourists. I'm sure we'll still be able to open up a couple of three incredible beaches in them, and then tell them in the blog. Now, just like this, this article reads about our trip to the fantastic beauty of the Impossible beach and Bingin beach.

Although every time we get back from Bukita to Woud, we literally get out of the way, the road is soaking, the traffic here is a hell for the motobakers, but the fatigue passes, the muscles of the back falls down, and the shower continues to boil emotions from the eyewitness.

Домик в аренду Пляж Импосибл (Impossible beach) Пляж Импосибл (Impossible beach) Спуск к пляжу