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Serfing Ukrainian

The Serphings on the Internet call a web page view. Reading news, articles, pages on social media, we're like a serfism (from the angl surfing to the racing) on the Internet. Naturally, we don't get any money for this, because we're looking at the pages that we're interested in.

In order to earn money on the web server, you have to give up your personal preferences and look only at the pages that the advertiser offers. Since such a process of earning itself is fairly easy and simple, it must be realized that the cost of one search is minimal and is 1-2 copies, and in order to earn a good amount of money, thousands, or tens of thousands of pages per month, must be examined.

Who, how, why pay for web server?

For many website owners, the attendance of their web resources is very important, as the main source of earning is banner or contextual advertising. There are many ways of attracting visitors to the site, but many are expensive, labour-intensive and time-consuming. The particular problem of attendance is the early stages of the website, when the first sales of the advertisements are needed as soon as possible. This is where the web server systems come for help, which, for a little money, are willing to bring a large number of visitors to the advertising site. The reporter pays the system, and the system shares with you for the page views.

Web-serving systems are generally called the Active Reclamation System (highly ATS). To understand how they're working, I'll give you a description of the advantages of working with the ATS that they publish on their websites:

For advertising

For users

The Active Advertisement System (ATS) is a unique service that allows an advertiser to significantly increase the attendance of his web site. The users of our service are watching your website, raising it in the ratings, increasing the prestige of your ad sites and website as a whole. The page of the website is more efficient than just the banner's show, because the amount of information the visitor sees is not measurable anymore. Visitors coming from our service are real people who might be interested in the goods or services offered on your website.

The Active Advertisement System (ATS) is a service in which everyone can earn by checking websites or reading advertisements. The Commission is minimal, and the system of automation of payments will allow you to use the funds earned immediately. Payments are made in one currency: WebMoney WMZ, WebMoney WMR or cell phone.