Серфинг на Пхукете. Обзор пляжей для хорошего серфа

Serfing School

We've always dreamed of a wave, but we couldn't solve it? It's time to change everything, and TripMyDream will help you! We've identified the most comfortable and safe places on the planet where we can learn surf from scratch - the best beaches, the surf schools and the sorph campes of Asia and Africa are waiting for you.

Kuta, Bali, Indonesia

Being in Bali and not getting on board is a difficult mistake, because the island is considered to be one of the best surfs not only in Asia but in the world. And those who wish only to study this case should go to the perfect place for newcomers. The seabed, no stones, rocks, rocks, corals, high and strong waves, is rare, and the ocean is enjoying regular, low tides.

There's a lot of serph-schools on the beaches of Coota, including Russian-speaking ones, where you can take a start-up lesson or a series of classes until you feel confident about the board. The cost of one class in the surf school is $50, a short course of 3 lessons will cost $140, classes are both group and individual. You could also hire a private coach on the beach, but it's a little cheaper to do with him, and it's a $40 to $100 in two hours.

Flight cost: - from Y690 (both sides).

The cost of living is 3* from me10, 5* from me85.

- Masha Didenko's Trewell told TripMyDream about how he organized his surf camp.

Hikkaduva, Sri Lanka

If you choose to study the surf, you'll be sure you won't regret it, especially if you get to the sand beaches, the reefs are very small or sufficiently deep, and the transparent water makes them very visible, and it's not possible to get hurt. The waves here are stable, flat, small, 1-3 meters.

You're afraid to learn alone? Experienced instructors and surf schools at your service. Most of them are English-speaking, but the number and number of Russian-speaking schools increases every year. Induction costs in lanquia schools range from $30, 3-5 classes from $90 to $150. Russian-speaking schools are more expensive and far from $60 to $120, class lesson cost from $55.

If you want to be a real pro, there's an opportunity to join the surf-lager, live together with co-conspirators and experienced coaches, and devote all day to catching up. Depending on the number of days (from 7 to 20) and the conditions (living, meals + various tours), the cost of living in the camp ranges from $700 to $1,500 and above.