ШКОЛА СЕРФИНГА в Португалии BalealСерфКэмп

Russian Surf School In Portugal

Школа серфинга в Португалии (Эрисейра)In the centre of Eriseira, near Portugal ' s most beautiful beaches, a surf school was set up to open its doors to everyone who wanted to meet this amazing sport and lifestyle.

The Serfing School in Eriseyre is a team of fascinated professionals willing to share their knowledge with students of any level of training. In addition to the school itself, which is fully equipped with all the necessary surf training, a surf is available at the base, allowing access to live with other students.

The Serfing School in Eriseyre has been recognized by the Portuguese Serfing Association and is continuously working to improve the quality of teaching. The main value of the school is quality education in simple, safe and fun form, both in and outside water.

School attendance is based on the level of training (which begins, continues, advanced and competitive) and the age of pupils. The professional instructor of the school selects a place for classes depending on the weather and level of the group. As part of the lessons, students are given the opportunity not only to raise their level of surf and knowledge about the oceans, but also to learn from Portuguese servers and ordinary residents, their traditions, language and life experience.

1 day of occupation includes 2 surf lessons (if ocean conditions permit). On the buses, pupils are transported to one of the Eriseira beachs in the morning where they attend school. Pupils can stay on the rest beach or go back to the bus camp.

Each occupation shall include:

  • Transfer to surf education
  • Rolling of boards and hydrocosthem
  • theoretical part on land and practical part on water
  • Museum and joints
  • Insurance
  • maximum 8 participants per trainer

From single quarters to two-bed beds, from cohabitation to single rooms, the school camp has the opportunity to accommodate all single-minded men who have a common idea of surfing. School camp provides accessible accommodation in a calm and comfortable place right in the center of Eriseira. There's a living room with TV, Internet, Playstation and Wii.

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