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Surf School For Tour

The best place to train the surf in Turkey is the town of Fener, where the classic conditions and many specialized agencies are. Also, you can hire a personal teacher, which will increase your chances of learning the board!


One of the most attractive places for surfing in Turkey is the Alachati area located in the Ega Sea 100 kilometres from Izmir. This is July and August. There are five Serb stations, of which two are German and three Turkish. If you're a starting surfingist, there are special instructors here, but it's best before you go to contact and find out about the Russian-speaking instructor, because the information provided on the sites is not always true. For starters, it's good that there's a long, small-seater and absolutely no coral. The infrastructure is also very good, and there are two specialized stores that can buy anything necessary for surfing.


Serfing in Turkey is mainly a board ride using force and direction of wind, not waves, which is why Serving in Turkey That's how it works for starters or just entertainment. The best surfing on the western coast of the Aegean Sea, there's a more moderate wind, but for amateur surfing, it's very even appropriate. Go to the largest and most beautiful city on the Aegean coast in Izmir, where the Serbs can be used in the Gulf of Izmir, and 50 km from there, there's a place of Gymuldur, where the Divingo can and the surf can go there with a tour team.


It's a little groggy, and I read that Turkey only develops Wind Surfing. Can someone tell where there are surf schools in Turkey, not Wind Serphin?


Well, as you've already written, if it's the surfing target, it's better to go to the Aegean coast, there's a field that's thinly developed. However, I would like to express a small view that if the purpose of the trip is the surfing, it is better to look beyond Turkey to other options. As an example, Morocco, particularly in Agadir. Great waves, many stations, many trainers. Or Spain. Gran Canaria is also well organized.