Серфинг с парусом как называется — Всякая всячина

A Sailing Serfing Called

It's like a thick scream of the mighty and invincible ocean on the shore, there's a huge pencil waltzing underneath everything that tries to stop its rapid and escalating running. It would appear that nothing alive can survive this vortex of water, which has absorbed the energies of the infinite water simplics that have been plunged on the thunderstorms, with the anger throwing heavy seawaters in fear.
Suddenly, the miracle is that the horrific horrific peak of the poetry of the water shows a fast-growing point, leaving behind a thoughtable autograph of the pencil trail. The man standing on the fragile board dared to climb on the peak of the fierce scream of the pachin master, sparing the severe ruthlessness of the poem. It comes at an improbable speed, and it's like an undeclared beast released from the insurgent sky, and it's a relentless and unavoidable rock built into a huge and penetrating roll born in the ocean and land.

Who's gonna win this race? A man with his intractable traction to win over his wild world, or this world will bring in a fool who dares to challenge the gods himself? It would appear that only a person who has never been on the shore of a flourishing ocean can ask such a question: the chances of winning over the infinite scumbags are himerna. And the more stunning and monumental than the triumph of a tiny creature that appears to be human against the back of the waves, when the shift, through the waves, will be in the arms of the shore.