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A Parachute Serfing Called

Imagine the painting: the bright sun, the fresh wind, the salted sea air, and you're on the board. And there's a giant aerial snake over you that's dragging you forward. Amazing? Then maybe a fascinating and extreme sport, a kiteserfing, is what you need?

Kiteserfing is a special kind of surf where you slide on the board and your waist is attached with a little parachute or, as professionals call it, an air snake. The word " kite " is the word " air snake " . It's the kite in the rolling process that you're gonna catch the wind so you can swing through the waves. Advanced surfers are not only easy to control this parachute, but they can also do real tricks in the air, getting off the board and making incredible cooks and jumps.

You don't have to be able to ride a board or be a Windserfer to take advantage of the knights. You'll be able to control the kite from scratch, and you'll only have to give it enough time.

The arts of the kiteserfing can be scrubbed where it's warm enough not to freeze in the water during the course of the training, and in places where the flat and sufficiently strong wind is blowing along the coast. The main Kiteserfer Mecca has traditionally been the Egyptian resorts of El Gun and Dahab, but there are also enough spaces to be used for air snake waves. The Greek Rodos, Spanish Andalusia, Viet Nam, Hawaii, Venezuela, some of the Thai resorts, the lake in northern Italy (Garda) and southern Germany (Ammerzee) are among the Kiteserfers. In Moscow province, the surfists were in love with kaytom training. Flying lakenear Perslav-Zalessky.