Сёрфинг в Италии

Sardinia Surfing School


Italy has been a long-standing destination for tourists around the world. One of the richest countries in cultural heritage in the world and Europe. When we think about this country, that's...

Italy has been a long-standing destination for tourists around the world. One of the richest countries in cultural heritage in the world and Europe. When we're thinking about this country, it's an ancient-sized ruin. Rome or Venice channels. In fact, there are other reasons for visiting Italy. Like Serfing and beach.

Italy is on the coast of the Ionic, Adriatic and Mediterranean Sea and has several islands in it. In particular, Sardinia, where our surf is. Sardinia is the capital of the surf in Italy, but it's the first school on the Mediterranean.

Нажмите для увеличенияLocal life is slow and slow. People are welcome and friendly, they enjoy life. In Italy, it's accepted to live emotionally and with a taste for life. Being here is starting as happy as the people around you are to be happy and appreciate little nice things.

In Italy, they speak Italian. In places where tourists are served, you can explain yourself in English, but there's not much to say.

It is possible to catch almost all wave directions and forecasts on the island. In the summer, there's warm water and we can ride shorts and bikini. This is the nearest place for the European part of Russia, where it is possible to ride without hydrocostopics. In addition, the visit could be combined with a visit to Rome or Milan or another city/o. Sardinia's gonna be great for a family trip.

Italy is one of the most interesting areas Serving in Europe!

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Italy, Sardinia.

Survival, food and how work is done.

Self Campe in Italy is on Sardinia Island. Serph Camp has two houses and offers separate accommodation for those travelling by one, couple, company or family. The camp is located in separate rooms on two villas, not far from the sweats. There's a sea and shop in the ashes of access.

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