Серфтренажер в Лебяжьем в Минске | WakeShop

Aqua Park Surfing

Come here with the kids and make yourself a child!
A children's town with mountains and waterfalls, adult crazi gorges, an artificial wave for the surf, a cafe where a glass of juice can be raised or dinner tightly, ordering food in a restaurant.
If you're desperate to forget your bathing suits, it's okay. In our store, you can get everything you need.
We have substantial discount card discount rates for permanent visitors.

UNA Aqua Life is the nearest quarry in the underwater, fresh air and the sea of positive!
Rest in the submarine with a square is not a dream, it's a reality!

Aqua Park split
2 zones: children ' s town and zone
Adults who would appreciate the steaming of pots. Total in aqua park 9 water mountains 2 to 10 m, 4 basins, water guns, gays
and waterfalls.

Perfect surgeon training. It's just a very interesting and exciting practice for all muscle groups, the development of traps, force and coordination.

Surprising and welcoming our vast menu of the European and Japanese kitchen. The restaurant works 24 hours a day, or until the last client.

There's a cafe right next to the pools, where you can always enjoy a delicious and succinct meal and enjoy a great variety of exotic drinks.

Did you rush to us that you forgot your swimming supplies?

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