Фотографии Доминиканская Республика - Серфинг на Больших Волнах

Big Wave Serfing

If you know the story of skateboarding and know about the roots of his origin, you know what surfing is and what. Jaws!

The YARD artisanal, documentary, surf-blocker is devoted to the modern extreme surf and to those who are attracted to them. The film describes the history of the well-known Russian surfer Seva Schulgin, who, at the age of 44, decides to translate the dream of each surfer and to test his forces on one of the largest and most dangerous waves on the planet, Jeaws. The Ocean monster reaches the height of a 5-stage house at a speed of 50 km/h. The Sportsman was preparing for this event for 14 years and was the first of the Rossian who managed to travel on Jaws. The films took place on the waves of the Pacific, Atlantic and Indian Oceans, Morocco, Hawaii and Mauritius. 3 oceans, 3 countries, 2 years of surveying, hundreds of hours of flights and countless failures. But if I started looking for one, the biggest wave, it's hard to stop.

Following the heart, the heroes of the film are in amazing corners of the planet: Morocco, Hawaii, Mauritius...