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Turkey has two great places for Windserfing. First, it's the city of Cheshma, or more specifically the small village of Alachati and the place of Fener (other name is Alcayar) 15-20 kilometres from Budrim. The most stable wind is the summer, at this time, due to the high heat of normal tourists, it's almost gone, but there's always a heat on the sea. In many hotels across the Turkish coast of the Aegean and Mediterranean Sea, Windserfing may be rented, but the quality of the matttress in hotels leaves much to be desired.

Windserfing in Alachachi

Alachachi is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey, on the Cheshma peninsula, 6 kilometres from Cheshma city. Nearest airport is Izmir. From the airport to Cheshma, there's a van. Therefore, a distance of 60 kilometres is easily limited in 40 minutes.

The place of skating is a hole in the exit and deep into the shore. All Serb stations are located in the immediate vicinity of the limb. Sand is a sandbone of the bottom with a depth of 1 to 1, 5 metres. Dimensions are 400 metres. It's the bottom of a permanent wind, a very rare phenomenon. That's why Alachachi is a unique place to train newcomers in Windserfing. The water on the floor is perfectly normal. In the fall, when the wind blows from the sea, there are waves in Alachi, which makes it even more interesting.

Advanced surfers go off the drain and ride deep water.

Each of the five Serb-centres located on the coast of Alachi will be able to find the equipment it needs. Almost all the brands of equipment are here.

One of the surf stations - PLANETA WINDSURFING is located in the Alachachi lagoon. There's a Russian trainer working there. Equipment: F2, MISTRAL, NEIL PRYDE.

Lessons are constantly being conducted with newcomers. The newcomer ' s 1-week course is slightly less than Euro200 and includes 5 2-hour sessions under the guidance of the instructor, all necessary accessories and equipment. The hour is free.

On the shore, the price of rent is higher than in booking in advance, and in summer months there are no free mattes. When you rent the equipment, you have no right to try any surf center exchange fund. The steamer comes under specific wind conditions, and the surf centre staff will tell you the appropriate size. There may be up to 300 people on the water at the same time, so in order not to worry about a possible collision, matttress may be insured for 20 euros per week. In the depth of the buoy, Kiteserfing classes have been held since 2002.

Number of daysRRD-F2 value / Longboards
1 hourEuro15/Euro20
4 hours (half days)Euro25 / Euro 35
1 dayEuro40/30 Euro
2 daysEuro 70/60 Euro
3 daysEuro100 / Euro85
4 daysEuro130/100
5 daysEuro 155 / Euro 110
6 daysEuro165 / Euro120
7 days
8 daysEuro190 / Euro140
9 daysEuro 210 / Euro 150
10 daysEuro 230 / Euro 165
11 daysEuro255 / Euro175
12 daysEuro265 / Euro 185
13 daysEuro275 / Euro190
14 days