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Improvised Surfing

Владимир Коржиков. Фото: Илья Кухарев. Like Windserfing could be round-the-clock.

Have you ever done Windserfing? Yeah? All right, then, forward, the same bases, is commanded by a warm, curled man in a dark jacket, holding a huge sail.
Everything that's happening really resembles the usual Windserfing, but there are only a few exceptions. First, the sail isn't on the surf board, it's on a strange kind of improvised with skate tears. Second, we don't have sea lascles under our feet, but we have spring cracks of the Gulf of Finland. We're not dressed like swimsuits.

I'm pulling a hat on my ears, fixing my barrels and taking care of the gig: the design seems inappropriate, large and fragile. " Remember, there are two centers: the center of side resistance under your feet and the center of sail, which you have with your sail, continues to teach Vladimir Korzykov. He runs a surf in the summer. Doljan Cos In the Krasnodar Krai, the winter is held in St. Petersburg. It still doesn't break up with Windserf. - Let's open the sail and go.

Vladimir Korzykov. Photo: Ilya Kuharev

Фото: Георгий Шпикалов/ИТАР-ТАСС. The wind is virtually non-existent, but the aisbord is exactly what it's called a tear-off board. The management of a sail of winter is really not different from the summer, but the legs aren't so cozy, the board's swinging up on the central axis, and she's more like a skateboard that I don't have a very good relationship with. "Remember that the skis are ahead of me," I'm screaming Volody, and I'm leaving the sail so far. The last thing I want right now is to fall under the ice.

Lie under sail.

In fact, those who want to learn winter Windserfing have the opportunity to choose a board. Well, not so much as a board, it's all down the whole projectile. It's about Windserfing to be a sail. What's he gonna do with it is the tenth.

“There are many options: horses (leasvia), skis of any size, monolixes, listed one of the famous winter Windserfers of Russia, Vadim Volozka. - Parus takes the same as the summer. If the funds permit, you'd better take the "top sail" that's good against the wind. It'll be 7 to 10 m2, but it's got to come from finance, even the seven is about Euro2, 5,000.