SUP Surfing (сап-серфинг) в Иркутске: продажа досок, услуги


Vietnam from Irkutska is becoming the favorite place of syber recreation.

The direct charter flights of Irkutsk-Nyachang (a/p Camran, 20 km from Nyachang) are carried out roundly.

Transfer a/p Camran is about 1 hour. Transfer a/p Camran - Fantiet about five hours. Transfer a/p Camran - Fanrang about 1 hour.

Irkutsk-Viet Nam flight time - 6 p.m. 20 minutes (indicative).

Exoticazia Thur offers Viet Nam ' s package tours from Irkutska on direct flights from PegasTouristik, Coral Travel, Anex Tour, which offer to rest on the south coast of the country in the Nyachang resort zones, Fantiet (Muy Né), Fanrang.
Travel to Viet Nam from Irkutsk with recreational leaves on these 12 to 14 night resorts is offered roundly.

If you're interested in recreational activities and a tour programme in other Hexotic areas of Exotic Asia-Tur, you'll have a combined tour with a visit to several of the country ' s or neighbouring States, as well as a tour to Viet Nam from Irkutsk on the exotic island of Fukock and a tour programme in northern Vietnam: Halong, Haifon, Hai, Hano.

The minimum prices of Irkutsk-Vietnam airline tickets, on regular flights from Irkutsk, transit through Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Seoul will be picked up by Ezotica-Asia-Tur. Suggestions to the burning tours of Vietnam from Irkutsk appear on separate dates. Leave your coordinates to send the burning tours. The visa in Viet Nam for Russians visiting the country for up to 15 days is not required.

Rest in Vietnam from Irkutsk. Viet Nam

If you prefer to rest in Vietnam in winter, or if you visit the country in the summer, you'll always get a lot of unbearable impressions. The unique multi-centered history and identity of this country, fabulous nature and climate, good resorts, beaches, any kind of active recreation, a welcoming population, low food and tour prices, good shopping, good service, is what you find here at any time. Nyachang is a city resort with many high hotels, restaurants, bars, shops. Fantyat is a cozy resort village, a quiet calm place for beach rest surrounded by palms, nipples, sand dunes, where surf fans gather in December-Febral.

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