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Serf With Sail

Buy Windserfing equipment, you'll always be able to buy on our Internet store with delivery all over Russia or with your own retrieval. And while you're just choosing a match for buying, you're gonna need this detail on the Windserfing. By the way, a Windserfing from scratch or an upgrade can be found in our schools.


Windserfing is a kind of sailing: a hybrid classic surf and a sailboat. In translation from English, the word " quind " means " veter " and " surfing " means " leaping, slipping " .

Windserfing equipment

Windserfing equipment consists of boards, sails and necessary beds for attachment and control. A small, light board, 2-3 m long, manufactured by special technology from floating plastic and glass fibre, shall be used. A sail is attached to the board on a special balloon. The vapours are usually used between 3 and 9 metres depending on the wind force.

The basic parameters of Windserfing equipment were discussed above, now let us move directly to the rolling process.

To whom and where to ride the Windserfing

Windserfing can go anywhere and as long as you like. It'd be the wind. Windserfing dose at wind speeds below 5 m/s virtually impossible.

Next, you choose that rolling style that suits you.

You can ride smoothly on the smooth water, with a small wind, drying the headphones of a pleor with a pleasant music and not having a good time exploring the surroundings, enjoying recreation on the water.

You can do the tricks on the water! Serph Fristail is a very fascinating and impressive sight. A real fristyler won't leave an indifferent viewer on the shore. Salto, balance sheets, jumps, dairy turns, hanging on a sail when the athlete literally pulls out of the water. By the way, stunts, sail turns, can be done almost without wind. Frystyll needs special Windserfing melters.

Windserphin rolling is divided into two species, a water roll and a glysing mode.

Glysing is when, with a strong wind and a certain speed, the nose of the board rises above the water and you literally fly above the surface. Of course, the pleasure of skating is the glysing, when you feel speed, adrenaline, wind in your face and feel you're flying. Glysing is possible at least 6-7 m/s in the wind.

Windserfing is an Olympic sport since 1984. Despite this, there has recently been a huge popularity of so-called fan serfing, where Windserfing is seen as entertainment and active recreation on water.