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Serfing In Siberia

+22 and wind up to 15 m/s!

On 27 October, at the Star Captain's Club, the Windserfing season was officially closed, Kiteserfing and SAPserfinga - Seabiri's breath 2016!

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From 1 to 2 May, the Hankah lake hosted the 2016 season. Have fun and go to glory!

On 28 October, at the Star Captain's Club, the traditional ceremonial stocktaking and closing of the Windserfing season, Snowkey Ting and SUPSerfing - The Siberia 2015!

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On October 23, the Star Captain's Club had a real Window's Day 2014. Let's all try to dwell into the atmosphere of joy and fun again!

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The opening of the Cherepach season was five plus! Ivan tested a new Hot Sails Maui JPS 9.9, and had fun tonight at the fire!

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On October 24th, the Star Captain Club closed the season. Seabiri's breathing 2013!

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March 16th, at the Adm MU. G.I. Nevelski hosted the Prima Krajina Marshal Federation ' s Review and Selection Conference. The conference is held every four years. Aleksey ' s Kravec was elected to the Federation Presidency and appointed as Chairman of the Windserfing and Kiteserfing Committee of the FPC. Detailed scope

On 20 December 2012, the Windserfing Federation and the Kiteserfing of the Primorsk region and the Office of the Federal Drug Control Service of the Russian Federation concluded an agreement to unite efforts to promote sport and healthy lifestyles. Details of the main