Zarautz. Холодный Атлантический океан в Испании |

Serfing In Spain

What's going on? SURFING!

Surf Club Moskow and WorldexSport are playing pranks as a prize for free surfing on artificial waves.

How do you win?
Conditions are simple:

1. It'll be the Surf Club Moskow.

2. Put it like "show friends"

3. In the commentary to this post, insert a serial number (if in the commentaries before you there was a man under number 7, you put 8. The next participant puts 9 and writes his data, etc.

If a number of participants signed under one number, the one whose record was first recorded shall be counted. After the number they repeated, we have to rewrite.

If a member whose number was chosen by a random cell generator, he didn't put a lik on his own, he'd disqualified. The prize is replayed with a random cell generator.