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Serfing Of Apples

I'm sick. Something burns like nerves are exposed, or it doesn't feel at all. My fingers don't listen, and I don't have my feet on the pedal. The water between my legs is frozen, but I don't feel either ice or my faggot. I can't even cry, tears are dying in a pot.

Text: Tom Ford / Photo: Justin Leighton

What was I waiting for? That's what you always do when you're going to Ariel Nomad to the Scottish winter. Hurricane wind. Yes, this morning, the weather prediction said (quote): "the velocity wind to 33 m/s" and "flying debris can cause significant damage to trees and structures." What's it like to hear when you're gonna drive a car without doors, roofs and frontal lobes? And with a three-stop compressor four Honda at 2, four litre, no track control. It's not a nice trip.

Especially when you remember how compressor numbermad on the fourth ball transfer jumped on his cell and made "willie." It's scary, isn't it? But thanks to the soft, half-way suspension, he landed like a cat, and he got cleaned up immediately. The handle is heavy and uncommon, but accurate, from focus to point 1, 7 turns. It's a weird case, most internal organs work like a cryogenic freeze, but the mouth can be used, it still works. If you thought you'd survive without this car, I'd say that the different parts of my body are about to be black and fall off, but I didn't know more fun in my life.

That's the whole point. We at TopGear decided that Ariel Nomad is probably the most primitive, stupid and high-end Roadcar. He's not practical, there's no reasonable reason to buy it, and you don't go to the store. It's just a joke. Extreme supermotard, not a car. No reasonable idea, but I just want to jump and chase. Since Nomad represents a certain lifestyle in accessible form (basic, 238-powered atmospheric Nomad is worth 38,000), is it comparable to other ways to raise adrenaline? I've been wanting to take a snoothboard for a long time, and I don't care about surfing. What if you put it all on one day? North of Scotland. Winter... ♪