Отдых на островах в декабре | Рамблер/Путешествия

Serfing On The Bowl

Greetings, we'll fly on August 13 for two weeks on the bowl, you'll focus on the mopeds, and we'd like to know if we should expect normal waves of grief.

Hello, everyone!
I'm selling my short ART DIZIN's surf a six-foot board.
The board's in great shape. It's very good taking not even big waves at the expense of its broad form.
It's good for a man who's already acquainted with the surf but who wants to improve his skills.
The board goes along with three swimmers and two spares.
Price 9,000 baht.
Please write to Lycca.

Bike lease on Phuket without deposits and deposits
- Mm-hmm.
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Text us right now!
Tel. viber, watsapp 5 Vladimir.
e-mail: info@ rphuket.club
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DARNING! On-line pay is available on the website after transportation!

You guys want to fly in a week? Is there any camp now?

Friends, I plan to August, Phuket♪ Say how SURFING is this time. What beach is it better to be on?

Good afternoon! Does anyone do a surf on a Russian-speaking cat? Or does anyone know the Russian instructor? We'll be on the boat from 5 to 19 October.

Good night. I know, please tell me-- the second half of October, can I drive again? Starting level)
Is it possible or is Kata on Surina?

Good afternoon, who's the Russian guy on the cat? I'd like to sit down and get guidance. I've never sat down, I'd like to try. Either call the instructors back.

It's 9:00 tonight, the first time it's a reef, it's just two reefs. Airport and left. Aeroport 4-5mm with a chip and a space left photo without a chip! Volna 2m @ Nai Yang Beach

It's a mid-finger board! ~ 300r

Friends only take into account the VOC! PLEEEASE come in! Fighting for the best photo!

The group's wall is empty.

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