Серфинг, Кайтинг и Виндсерфинг на Пхукете | Настоящий Пхукет

Serfing On The Docket In August

Дайвинг на ПхукетеIn the south-west, Thailand has been ranked as an amazing paradise for tourists. And if you're wondering what kind of sea on Phukette, you know, the coast of the resort is washing the Andaman sea into the Indian Ocean. His water remains a warm round year, and from March to May, it can warm up to 37 degrees.

The sea strikes its purity and transparency, in some places, the visibility under water reaches up to 50 to 60 metres, which attracts divinga and submarine fans.

Diving on Phuket

The most popular islands for divinga are Ko Racha Yay and Ko Racha Noah, which are located 20 minutes away from the resort of Phukete. The waters of the Andaman Sea, wreaking their coast, will not disappoint a professional or a newcomer in this case. Depending on experience in water immersions, there are different depths between 10 and 30 metres.

There are virtually no large waves and rapid currents outside these islands, so it will be comforting to feel like a start-up and experienced divers who wants to refresh their skills. With this close knowledge of Thailand ' s submarine world, it may be possible to see various exotic inhabitants at a distance of hand.

The best period is from mid-November to the end of March, which coincides with the “high season”.

Snorkeling in the Adaman Sea

Favorites float with tubes, masks and lasts often call Phuquet the real pearl of the Andaman Sea.Пляж Патонг Tourists, both on the tours and on the beaches of the island itself, may be able to take up this type of navigation. The submarine of this sea is simply absurd by its beauty, even a tempted and snorkling man.

There are artificial reefs outside the islands located near the resort itself, which have long lived and become a real house for various water residents. It is in these places that extraordinary floods, submarine caves, a variety of tunnels, and scrubbing can be seen.

When we're underwater five to eight times, it's still impossible to get to the same place because the waters of the Andaman Sea are about 10 divine sites.

For amateurs The surf needs understand and take into account the sea on Phuket. He doesn't have a lot of places where big waves are. It is more designed for other occupations. Serfing is the best practice on the West Coast. The biggest waves can be found on Cat's beach.

Сноркелинг в Адаманском море серфинг на пхукете Пляж Камала пляж карон5

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