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Пляж Най ХарнNai Harn is the Paradise Beach in South Phuket. Flushing is rightly considered to be the redest and most efficient. Sand Sand Sand, Clean Sea Lasour and sea-weeding brizs will lead to an atmosphere of “ideal” recreation at sea. To settle under the umbrella on the shell, to enjoy white flourish sand and emerald sea water, a real tropical paradise on this beach.

It's covered by the Hillic Bay, located in the south-western part of Phuket. Today, Ny Harn stays untouched, so there are a few tourists here. Nai Harn is rounding green hills in combination with white sand and lazurous waters.Мыс Промтхэп (Phromthep Cape) A village formerly near the coast has now become a tourist recreation site. Now there's a cafe, art stores and hotels.

During the tourist season, you can see a lot of private yachts in the Gulf, when Nai Harn becomes their temporary home. Every year the Royal Regat is held. The water is especially clean and its temperature is 29 degrees C. The sea worries between June and September. Be careful if the rescuers put the red flag in, then there's a dangerous time.

Пляж Януи (Yanui beach)Nai Harn, description

The South Coast is famous for its red landscapes and a relatively quiet environment. The beach area is just over 1 km long. The golden-white sand is equipped with the necessary rest.

There is a sea lagoon in the south. It's the Buddhist temple. Special tidals and plums shall shape the distance at the point where the lagoon and sea are connected. It's really interesting to have a vacation with the kids. However, during the tides, it should be careful.

Another distinctive feature: natural basins. For example, at the southest point, Nai Harn located a beautiful basin connecting the sea and an inner island channel.

Water entry, climate and wave characteristics

Smells with its calm and safe beach sites. Nai Harn has a slope floating under the clean water of the Andaman Sea. It won't be long. The beam is surrounded by small hills where tropical vegetation has grown rapidly.

Духовный центр буддизма на Най Харн Обед на побережье Пляж Ао Сане (Ao Sane Beach) Муай Тай (Muay Thai)