Серфинг на Мальте | Серфовые споты мира

Serfing On The Small

Условия для серфинга на МальтеThe island ' s advantage is that he has not yet become the Serfer Mecca, so there is no tiring line in the lane apache, and the sea can be free from the same wind traps in the crowd. A lot of locals don't even know what the real surfer looks like and where he can be found.

In other words, Malta is the perfect place for those interested in water sports and who want to hide from the noise of megapolis to be alone with the sea.

Malta ' s best syringes

Malta ' s coastline is so spectacular and puzzle that UNESCO has long planned to place it on its World Heritage List. The island ' s coastline is continuously interrupted by breakthroughs ranging from 20 to 120 metres.

Such bending has resulted in a large number of small sandy beaches hidden from human eyes.Особенности серфинга на Мальте Selfing in this amazing place can be just a fairy tale. Malta's coastline is a real paradise for the Amatoes who recently mastered the board.

About 10 spans have been built on the island, which are evenly distributed between Malta and Goso, its northern neighbor. The best conditions for surfing are offered to tourists by the Golden bay and Mellieha bay. There's gonna be a great start-up athletes here, 'cause the wind in this secure place won't be taken to the high seas.

You can get up on the board very fast after the fall, and the sandy seam on the coast doesn't cut the shards of acute sinks because the sand is very clean. The only thing to fear is the meds, which sometimes brings in the next round.Лучшие серф-споты Мальты However, the private and beautiful local beaches are very compensated for this lack.

Conditions for surf

Sulphine In Malta, we can split into two parts, spring and autumn. These are the most favourable periods for boarding. Great surf days are also winter, and this summer is a great opportunity to get to the island during a long shuttle when it is almost impossible to catch even the weakest wave.

In the winter months, water at sea is up to 17 degrees, there are also few cyclones that come to the Malta coast from the continent. In order to truly assess the island ' s best water entertainment, it would be prudent to travel here in October or May.

The air temperature at this time is the best for rest, and the wind is unstable. During the day, the surfers can capture all existing wave types.

As for the surf infrastructure, it is sufficiently developed on the island. If necessary, boarding equipment may be leased locally.

Сезон серфинга на Мальте Лучшие пляжи Мальты для занятий серфингом Серфинг на Мальте Серфинг на Мальте

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