Серфинг на парашюте, серфинг с парашютом на воде

Serfing With Parachute

Extreme sports, a close relative of Windserfing and a Waikbordinga. “Then recently, at a nearby station, the kite fled into the sea with a site and did not return”, such stories frightened at all the world ' s hearts. You should listen to them.

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The man slips, standing on the board, on the surface of the water, under the influence of the force of the traction developed by an air snake, i.e. the kite, which both resembles the wing of the plane and parachutes. He's run by four trails (long and fast-track ropes) that are one ends attached to the kite itself, the other to the bar (the plan for which the athlete holds). Equipment is chosen as clothing by size. The kaytha is dependent on the strength of the wind and the weight of the man: the higher the wind and the lower the weight, the smaller the kite. Calculated approximately: in the wind between 5 and 6 m/s, a person weighing 75 to 80 kg shall take a knight with a wing of at least 12 m2. It's easier with the boards. Their two types are large (directional) and small (twin tip). The first is more stable and, from the name, slides on water in only one direction, as a normal surf board or a Windserfing. Twin tip is a juicy and very compact board that resembles snoubborn. Usually, it's either taken by athletes that squeeze complex acrobatic tricks (e.g. saltos borrowed from snobards and sketeroids) or by girls whose complementation does not allow the management of a large board.

The training begins with lessons on land. First thing, the future web site on the shore is trying to find a common language with an air snake. You just want to turn left, pull your right hand forward, and you pull your left hand on your body, you want to go right, all the other way around. Movements should be reminded of the technician of the side impacts. But as he says, the creator of the first Russian Serb station in Egypt and the first surf school in Petersburg, " when a man first comes out to water, he's got a memory bruise, and he starts to spin props like a wheel " .

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