Доску для серфинга дополнили электромотором

Serfing With Underwater Wing

Hydrofoyle surfing - A new type of water sports, crosses all the beauty of the conventional surf and the beauty of the underwater wing. The hydrofoil surf is shorter than the conventional surf board, and the boots are attached to it, like the Wakeboard and the underwater wing (hydrofoil).

Гидрофойл (Hydrofoil) In 1972, Dud Holst and Mike Murphy invented Kneeboard, a knee board. The invention had a big problem: the impact had to be on its knees, which was painful and harmful to health. Which made Mike design a submarine wing board. On the new board, the journey became smooth, and the biggest problem of standing water skiing was the sensitivity to moving the centre of gravity. This invention was a great valor of real hydrofoyle.