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Sochi Serfing

"Serfing is fun, fancy, beautiful! The glove.

David, hi! You were one of the first to go to Sochi. Tell me, what year did this happen and how did you get that idea?

The biggest push we got. Serfing festival and the yoga we had in the city in 2010. He was visited by the President of the Serfing Felix Park Federation and showed that large and correct ocean waves were not necessarily needed for the rolling. His example convinced everyone that surfing is possible, too. Well, then we went to Anapa's midnight, because the projection was good, and it all started. After that, my friends and I found a song in Sochi with a real right wave and no wind. We're lucky about that. There are beautiful songs in Asher, in Lazarevka, there's a wave that's very right, long, long. And there's, like, a song called the Mouse, there's a wave that not every professional will want to go into the water.

By 2010, you've already had a surgeon experience where you were?

In Bali, I've been in Morocco every year since 2008, too, trying a wave of artificial in Dubai.

What was the main difficulty in sailing?

The most interesting thing is that there were no difficulties, vice versa, I've made progress here more than on the ocean. When no one bothers you, you catch every wave you want. There's only three or four people on the lane ape, and you're rolling like nowhere. You've been suffocating from the shower all day or even two, if you come up with a big one.

How often does a rolling forecast fit?

It happens that once a week, it happens twice, differently. In some cases, it may be a week-long roll, one after another. Maybe a month's break. Winter's rolling, just a little less summer. But in the summer, if the storms come and it's warm on the street, it'll be all-time high. The most not rolling month is May, although one or two times in May is the forecast. The most good month, of course, October, because big storms and water are still warm enough, so even one of the Championate phases is about to be held in October.

Where in Russia, besides Sochi, did you go?


Why did you stop your choice on the Camutcat? How do you feel about this trip?

First of all, the local guys invited me, second of all, I was already around. I was at work in Irkutsk, and I only have a little time left.