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In May 2014, Nixon Surf Challenge, two years earlier, Keith Mala and Trevor Gordon came to explore the peninsula as part of the Arctic Surf expedition. Video Surf in Siberia Constantine Kokorev and Elisay Gladnikov are collecting some 300,000 views. Russia ' s surfing championships are first fully conducted in the country, not in Bali and in Dominica. People are beginning to understand that surfing in Russia is also possible for the use of " sports of gods and heroes " , as Jack London was writing in the " Snark travel " , many.

Как развивается классический сёрфинг у берегов России. Изображение № 5.

Constantin Kokorov

Ryder, director Surf in Siberia

“I am a patriot of Russia. Not a mentality, but the biggest country. There's an ocean in Russia: severe, but there is. We've been riding with friends in the country for a long time. I remember the first Championship in Vladivostok is an unwritten feeling, everyone speaks Russian, you feel in your homeland. It's hard to explain to the Americans who have all this stuff with their mother's milk. There are good sweats in the Vladivostok, from under Korea blows up waves to Japan, then to us. Sochi's a very cool sweat, so we need to read the forecast and fly. We were just doing an episode of the movie about the guy from there, how he started rolling, doing his first boards. It's a stereotype that there are no waves in Russia. In general, I would not like the surfing here to become an industry so that everyone would wear Rip Curl and Quiksilver, not even knowing what the brand is.