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Stock Surfing With Spring

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It's not a secret that kayborging is a sport directly dependent on the wind. If you're on a sweat when it's comfortable and warm, but it doesn't blow, it won't be anything. Cabbyboarding is popular until far away. Places where there's a wave suitable for surf are not close. But there's not always a wave that's big enough to skate on a normal surf, or the best spots can be occupied by the cliffs. Therefore, a revived time ago in Hawaii SUP (stand up paddle surfing) -- a large scale roll with spring -- has been interested in very many and is rapidly gaining popularity around the world.

SUP Red Paddle 2012. Video Michael Soloveikin

Actually, it's not a novel, it's a very ancient version of the surf. SUP allows for the capture of small (from 30 cm) or less qualitative waves, or the capture of good waves from the shore, and, with the proper skills, keep the surfers on short boards. If you don't have any waves on your sweat, you can just go to SUP on smooth water training. Extremales float on SUP dogs on mountain rivers, surfs on " constant waves " on the thresholds and even jump from small waterfalls. At the outset, accessibility and universality of SUP. There's no need for wind or mechanical traction to go skating. Good weather and any water, be it river, lake or sea.

However, the size of the SUP dog is quite large, about 3 metres. This makes it very difficult to transport equipment and reduces the mobility of rolling stock. SUP-dock's suffocation has done a great job. In May's safaris, we've had suffocated SUP from Red Paddle in three dimensions: 9’4x30, 10’6x32 and 10’6x38 (traditional for the surf industry, the size of the boards is calculated in fots and inches).

In the inverted position, the suffocation board shall be placed in a choke comparable to the size of the large kite backpack. In the kit, except the board itself, a pump with a manometer and a hose, a Russian instruction and a belt shall be operated.