SUP-серфинг: на доске с веслом / Спортивная / P.S. - 5 сов

Sup Surfing Corn

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Here comes the report on the celebration of the First All-Russian SUP Bording Day. If you haven't had time to share your photos and videos with the last weekend, we're gonna have to put a Gate #SUPdayRussia.

We've been able to collect a lot of material from all the participating cities (and it was more than 25 by the way) and we'd love to share memories with you. Look at our gallery, look for yourself and remember that SUPday will now be held annually. Watch the news on the event website.

Here's our report:

The celebration of SAPbording Day on 1 July was supported by more than 25 cities in Russia. There are relatively recent " carrots " in the country. However, the first holiday of the sapperfers revealed the extent of the love of the Russians to this type of sport.

On the first Saturday of July, the federations, schools, procates, clubs and shops associated with SAPbording, all around the country, joined together to celebrate the day of the favorite water sport. Large-scale events and more ceremonial and cozy holidays were organized by SUP SPOT schools in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Novosibirsk, Saratov, Sterlitamaka, Ulianovsk, as well as schools in Sochi, Vladivostok, Kampcha, Voronje, Smolenske, in many Abra regions,

The success of the SAPbording Day in Russia exceeded the expectations of the founders of the holiday, the Internet magazine team. Not only did he bring all the SUP amateurs together, bring the newcomers to a culture of active recreation, but he also gave a new, big boost to sports. The organizers estimated that over 3,000 people throughout the country participated in the celebration of the first SAPbording Day in Russia!

St. Petersburg

To mark the day of the APbordinga Pereburns, the rain, the swing wind, and even the warning of the PHS.