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The Cheapest Surfing

To date, my favorite surf is Mexico. The Pacific is pleased with its warmth, calm waves and wild beaches. How to get to Mexico, and what you need to do, you can read the review article on our website. I want to tell you where you can go when and what danger I expect you in the water.

I've been making singers in the states of Nayarit and Oaxaca. Since it's not the most popular destinations for Russian tourists, I'm gonna put a couple of lines on how to get there and I'm gonna tell you about the conditions of the sweats, the seasons and the possibilities of living.

All right, let's go!

Sayyulite and Punta de Mita, Nayarit

It's one of the most famous surf spots and beach rests in Mexico.

If one of the Mexicans tells you that you're going there, you'll have to hear an exemplary announcement about the place and specifically about the two towns, Punta de Mita and Seyulita. About them.

And it's a pearl of the Mexican coast of the Pacific. Climatus is the hottest, the water is warm. With this pattern of waves, there's the most developed Longbording, surfing on long boards.

You'll find it easy to rent a 9’6 board with one fig (or a melter, as it is still called, a manoeuvrability board or speed board, depending on size and quantity). You could like the skill of Mexican national champions on the Longbord and SUP.

How to get to the state

In the state of Nayarit, I stopped in a village called Sayyulite, a popular resort for Americans and Canadians. The locals are very surprised when they meet Russians here, but they love us very much.