7 мест в России, где можно заняться сёрфингом - Лайфхакер

Where To Do The Surf In The Roses

Евгений ИсаковThird Russian champion, President of the Kaliningrad Federation of Surfing Eugenia Isakov - about the type of sport you like and the prospects for its development.

We met with Eugenia at SURFEST 2017. On the night of 4 June, an athlete flew to Moscow from his native Kalininggrad to attend an annual event, to speak with close people in spirit and to read a lecture entitled " Surfing as a profession: Is it possible? " . We have been able to talk to Eugia about how his sports career began and developed, especially the Russian surfing, and to find out what prospects it expects in the near future.

Евгений ИсаковEugenia Isakov

Photo: Pauline Inoszemsev, Championate

- Eugenia, when and how did you start surfing?
♪ My story is not quite radically different from the stories of other Russian surfers, but I've been an accident in this sport. The first time I tried to ride in 2006, it happened in Spain. I was studying in Germany at the time, receiving a second higher education, and accidentally saw information that a student visit to Spain, the Atlantic Coast, was scheduled for February. I remember when it was really cold, and I wasn't interested in surfing as much as the opportunity to go to that country whose language was taught and look at the ocean, because at that point I never saw him. During the trip, there was one thing that surfed me and still won't let go.

Евгений Исаков♪ How did you reach the international level?
♪ This process was short. When I started rolling, Russian surfing just started showing up. Its natural development was that there were, first, some " international fighters " at which people were trained and entertained. Then we went to something like it would be nice to fight each other, and there was a local competition. Once the surf federation in Russia started its activities, it was agreed that the Russian championships should be held, but at some point there was little. We understand that it makes sense to go to the international level. One such opportunity was to participate in the ISA World Championship (International Surfing Association). And I've been going to this competition for the second year in a row. And in the prefabricated, I was because I showed the results at Russian competitions, it's natural to select.

We have a very clear approach: surfing is a little far away, and it's not true, with burnt guys under palms and girls in bikini. And when you tell me that there he is next to you, it's not like a shock to many people, but at least surprising.