Как развивается классический сёрфинг у берегов России — FURFUR

Where We Can Do The Surf In The Roses

'Cause there are gorgeous beaches with different kinds of dungeon and bait that are glossed among the world's surfers and that's a great sport. Because there are many different waves and some of them are famous at the international level. Because there's a warm climate, a variety of winds and currents. Because there are many schools and companies in Spain offering surf lessons as well as thematic hotels and camping. Because there are festivals where surfing is at the centre of attention, and it is accompanied by various additions such as music, movies and yoga. Because it's Spain that's where some of the world's finest surfers go.

Sulphine species

In addition to the surfing itself, other types of sport may be involved in Spain. You want to know more about them? Bodibording. It's a small board, usually from the foam. Its size depends on the weight and growth of the surfer, but in general, such boards are lighter and transporter than classic surf boards. Lastes are added. Niboring♪ Serphine variety on a special short board with floats on which the surfer is located in the knee counter. Skimbording. You're throwing a surfboard, but a shorter and wider board of small-seaters, and you're making a wave of it. Skimbording can be done without a wave. Spring serfing. You're gonna need a good equilibrium to be standing on the surf board. This variety has one huge advantage - it's easy to learn. Longbord Serfing♪ The wavering on a longer and wide dose than classic surfboard.

Best skating time

In Spain, it is possible to do a surf year round. If you're just starting to practice this sport, it's best to come in the summer when the waves aren't so high. But if you're an experienced surfer, you'll like the winter waves a lot more.