Ейская Школа Виндсерфинга приглашает! | Дом Путешественника

Shelfing School

You always wanted to learn how to ride the Windserfing? Then you're in Yeiskwind!
The Yeiskwind High School is unique. And the uniqueness is that it's a cosa that wore the Taganrogate Bay and the Yeski Liman. This enables the wind to enter water in any direction. Liman's perfect for learning, and the bay gives us the opportunity to roll on the waves. The rolling season from mid-April to mid-October.
Yeiskwind is an opportunity to rest not only on water but also on the shore. Pure, well-built beach, parking, storing of the match, auto camping, volleyball, cafe bar, Wi-Fi. As well as fascinating maritime walks on the " Uninhabited island " . Everything necessary for the Windserfing is available in our surf store. Equipment at the Yeiskwind station is updated annually. The school works with known global brands: JP-Australia, NeilPryde, Unifiber, Quicksilver. You have more than 80 doses (from 73 to 250 litres) and more than 100 sails (from 0, 8 to 9, 5 m2). The equipment is divided into " Skills " , " Predominium " and " Premium " .
Safety on water and on the shore is provided by the Subsidiary Instructor.

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