Контакты - Школа серфинга в Сочи

Socia Surf School

The most popular place for the surf under Kaliningrad is the Ambar Pot in Zelenogradsk, the most stable and logical place. When the waves for this beach become too big and the wind is too strong, we move into Pioneerski City. There's a coastline covered by milk, and you can meet very flat waves. The most interesting place is the Beach of Baltiuska. There's also a sea-going milk that covers the coast of the wind, which makes the waves very flat.

Having spent more than six years in different schools around the world, I am prepared to say that the conditions for education in Kaliningrad are very favourable. Of course, the basic learning season is limited to the summer weather, but it is at this time that the potential for the waves itself is smaller. The temperature of water is not tropical, but if there is hydrocosthem (and it is rented for training), it is no longer a limiting factor. In one way or another, the first steps in the surf always take place in the " pine " , the white barrels left behind by the disturbed wave, and under these conditions we are little different from many other places on the planet, so we can start training in Kaliningrad.

Architect Serfing

Constantin Kokorov

" It is possible to develop surfing without leaving Russia. It's not a lot of skating places, but it's a good one. The biggest wave I caught in the North and the tube in Sochi. We're going to Kurila now. I hope it's Hawaii.

I'd advise Sochi and the beach of Khostin, but there's no way to rent equipment. Good for the surf and the Khalaktyr beach on the Camchatka-- there's a school, and a rental at Anton Morosov's. Serphing can be used in Peter, but there's no appropriate waves for newcomers. There's a good place in Vladivostok, the beach of Shamore. It's worth, and it's possible to go, but with the fall of trouble.

"Yes, in the Gulf of Finland, on the Black Sea, and there are wind waves on the Lake of London. But it's not the same as the good waves on the ocean. We can learn how to get on board, practice the initial burial skills on the wave, but it's hardly a surf exercise. Once he's on a good surf, the newcomer will be shocked and realize that the real surf has nothing to do with what he's been trying in Russia.