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Sapp Surfing

Sapperfing (SUP-Angl. Standup paddleboarding) - water sports, surf species, a new type of activity and recreation on water in which the serfer standing on the board moves on the water through the spring.
- We provide broad, sustainable inhalation boards for training and subsequent rolling;
- Let's teach you to stand there, stand up and control.
- it's perfectly safe, all of them will be saved.
- No one falls into the water, who follows the guidance of the instructor;
- in a cold period, for those who wish, to be provided with hydrocosthem and hydrobub;
- We'll take you along the most interesting and beautiful routes of the city;
- Tours for you in the most interesting places of Len regions, such as the Ladge Schör;
- You'll get a lot of positive emotions and unsuitable photos;

Our website.
The group is a unit of the Russian Serfing and Serfškola Onegosurfing groups and is dedicated exclusively to SUP/SAP Spring Serfdoskam, water and wave training.
We are developing a network of SAPs on Russia. In St. Petersburg, a school is currently in operation by SAP, which trains all applicants for SAP and runs SAPs through the city ' s rivers and channels.

Our school is located within the territory of the English Ring Club:
Saint Petersburg, Crustic Island
Oil. Deputa, D.9B Metro Crust Island.

At your service, experienced surf instructors, winners and prizes of the Russian sapperfingue championships, comfortable shower locks, a safe for the storage of valuable items, new equipment and, if necessary, hydrocosthems and hydropower.