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Preparing Surf Board

Изображение с названием Make a Surfboard Step 1Choose a suitable place of work that can't be scary for some time. You need a big room with a good vent.

  • With regard to ventilation, it's good to work on the street, but three fluorescent lights in the room will help to detect the cracks that can occur when you give the board a shape.
  • If you work outside, you'll depend on the weather. There's nothing you can do in the rain, the snow and even the wind.
  • A good idea could be to prepare a special room for the construction of a board; you'll need a room of at least 3 x 5.4 metres for a short board. If you do a long board, it's more than 3 meters.
Write all final dimensions on paper that should have the final product.Изображение с названием Make a Surfboard Step 2 It's gonna depend on your growth and sliding through the waves.
  • The wise decision is to draw a drawing on the paper and move it to the wall in the place where you work to keep checking with him.
Make a model. The simplest way to do this is to get a ready board and, if necessary, set it up a little under you.
  • Put the ply on the ground, and on top of the board. surfing♪ Make sure that the stringer (a fine wood strip that is down the center of the entire board) is on one straight line with the edges of the plywood.
  • Marker, identify the nose and tail points of the board, put the points in the middle of the board, and then put the marker fully on the board so that each next point is parallel to the previous one, and you have an accurate board model. This model will be a form for your board, so be very careful not to move the board or the ply when you're rolled. Be as precise as possible in your marks.
  • Put your protective glasses on, turn on the electric knife and cut the shaped ply. So you'll get a model for the board.
Choose the set for the board; it's the base of the board.Изображение с названием Make a Surfboard Step 3 You can choose different forms, weight, length and density, and different materials: wood or pen. You can also make a standard order.
  • The type of cooking you need depends on how you ride the waves. If you like to ride on small waves, you're gonna need a little bit of cooking. The thicker the board, the stronger it is and the longer it serves you.

Put the bottom up on wooden goats. Put the form on the set and make sure it's completely legated along the stringer line. Take the board form for the setup. To this end, put a pencil from the tail to the nose of the board.Изображение с названием Make a Surfboard Step 4 Turn over the logging and take the form on the other side.

Electric knive, cut the extra foam (or tree) from the board. Take a dislocation from the board model at 2.54 to 3.81 cm so you can change the board uniform without catastrophic consequences.
  • Drink very carefully, especially when you cut the stringer in the sock.
Put the boiler down. Put the electrical rigid statue on a depth of 2 mm and walk very carefully (from the tail to the nose) on the bottom of the board. Struggle until you take off the harder upper layer and get to the softer white foam.
  • When you move on to your nose, it's gonna be harder for you to use a strict statue, and you're gonna need to use a hand machine and one that dresses on your finger.

Hand or fingers of a tight machine, put the edges rounded. Give me some uniforms as you want, and put the statues down so you don't override.

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