Как выбрать SUP-борд (надувная доска для плавания с веслом)

How To Pick A Surf Board

Доска для виндсерфингаTo date, there's a big deal on the Internet, but you need to choose the option that comes to you, so it's important to know a few criteria to buy a board. In the first place, the Windserfing board is racing.

It's gonna take a long and big board to start. She'll help you learn how to roll into a weak wind. A medium board for those who can ride into a strong wind with decent glysing. The " cut board " allows for high speed rides, facilitates jumps and manoeuvres.

The length of the board for starters is not the only criterion of choice, volume and width, the more important parameters for which the Windserfing board is selected. The volume, when buying old kettle boards, needs to be kept in mind not only the factory but also the reserve. Professionals recommend the selection of boards for newcomers with a reserve of 50 per cent of the total mass.

Example of how to calculate the reserve volume:

Let's say your weight is 75 kg. The total weight of board, sail, protection and other parts is 30 kg. In that case, we need to pick a board with a volume of about 180 litres. The approximately length of the board is 370 cm, and it has additional details for the stability and light turns. More modern board surfing (higher) with this volume, it will be much shorter, approximately 320-330 cm short, to manoeuvre and turn. It's not recommended to buy old boards and b/u (except when you trust the seller completely) without prior consultation, otherwise you have a chance to get on a bad seller that you're in love with a bad product.

What influences the choice of board are individual weight.

For the average human weight (65 kg) more comfortable if the Windserfing board is smaller. But if you look on the other side, it's harder to control and manoeuvre this board, and it's a big detail for a starting Windserfer. For more cherished athletes (more than 75 kg), a board of volume must be chosen.

Actually, before you buy a board, you're gonna have to take a good look at it, and it might be a lot better to rent than to buy. Let's see the situation: as you were on the south bank of Crimea, you were trained, in which case the Windserfing board was costly. After that, you come home with a desire to buy a skating board once a week on the country pond. You're spending about 100, rolling seasons (often 3-4 times a month, considering wind weather). Next season, this board doesn't suit you, because the rolling level has risen, and now you want speed and manoeuvrability.