Доска для серфинга Стойку Стали SUP Хранения Стеллаж Пристенный

Serial Storage Files

Skatees, bicycles, skates, snoozes, even golf balls and clubs, all these sporting shells take many places and, moreover, require special conditions to be kept in order. If you do sports, you know the problem. Fortunately, there are many simple and effective ways of storing sports tools in the apartment. The most ingenious decisions we'll tell you today.

1. Bicycles

The empty wall in the hallway, room or on the balcony will help you with special suspensions, curtains, hooks that can be attached both to the wall and to the ceiling, and even special shelves, from how often you use the bicycle, and from its weight, you can choose an option for yourself.

Another modern and practical way is not just to keep a bicycle in the apartment, but to turn it into a cyclical! This will help you with a compact, underneath the wheel, a trainer.

Interior goods

Securing goods

2. Surf board

Large-scale sports projectiles such as boards surfing, may be placed on the ceiling (e.g. on the balcony or in the corridor) by means of vegetation or hooks, as well as a system of cheeks to facilitate access.

Another option is to turn the board into an art object. Hang her over the couch or the place of work as a painting, and let everyone know you're like nobody else who knows what it means to be on a good wave!

3. Snowboards

Do them as well as as a surf board, instead of leaving a projectile in the corner of a small hall or room, put a special hook on the wall, thereby creating an optimum storage space for the snobard.

4. Skates and self-cata

You can buy a special skate and skeit store or make a comfortable stalk with your hands: with special flames, the most ordinary regiment will become the perfect parking lot.