Сёрфинг в Чили (GreenWord.ru: Публикации)

Chili Serfing

If you're looking for exotic, you'll love Chile. The country extends vertically by thousands of kilometres, a kilometre of mountain ranges, nature, vegetation, animal peace and human culture. Andes are remembered by fascinating cooks, beautiful lakes and wild hot springs at the end of the day. Patagonia in the Pukon area, where the mining resort is located directly on a lake-view volcano and a rare harukar tree is growing in the area.

The helicopter starts on a helicia from Santiago, a big city of contrasts. We offer exclusive flights from the roof of the highest skyscraper in the city. So the hotel road to the helicopter landing takes only 10 minutes.

In the darkness of Santiago, you can find any kind of entertainment or go to Valparaiso, the port city of artists, a walk that is comparable to a visit to a giant museum of modern art, but it's all under the open sky on the ocean. On the road, we should visit the vineyards and put the best wines in the region.