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Sapp Surfing Minsk

The new year is not over the mountains and 2015 is about to remember the major events. For the Russian Federation, the Serfing year was even more successful than the previous one. Despite the difficult economic situation in the country.

Photo Tatiana Elizareyev

We hope this move will help the surf in Russia. In this regard, we are even ahead of some European countries. For example, in Italy, surfing is still unrecognized.

The competition changed the format a little. Amateurs have been introduced to attract more participants. Having been able to participate without restriction in the selection of the board.
Professionals were restricted. Only shortboards were allowed for athletes.

Girls and young people also spoke in the general statements. The wolf was quite dangerous, making them even more honourable. That's it. Good job!

Professional posts were distributed as follows:

1 place: Isakov Evgeny (Kaliningrad)

2 locations: Rasivayev Sergei (St. Petersburg)

3 seats: Večanov Igor (Izevsk) and Lubimov Sergei (Sant-Peterburg)

Places in the category “Loves”.

(1) Tukavin Maxim (Kaliningrad)

2) Balaquiin Alexander (Kaliningrad)

(3) Blohin Ivan (Kaliningrad) and Albegov Dmitri (Sant-Peterburg)

Collectors: Russian Federation of Serphine and Kaliningrad surf club König Surf Club

Official sponsors: EBRD and WorldExSport.

Partners: Gutenberg Printing, 8 Chakra Yoga Centre, Tortuga Club, Ambar Café, Quiksilver Caliningrad

They were both boys and girls in the general scores. To all girls, our congratulations with participation and respect. Darina Dudko was able to reach the semifinal.

Results in category “Pro”
(1) Rasivaev Sergei
(2) Tyshkevic Petr
(3) Ludom Sergei and Pavlikov Konstantin

In the category " Lubbers "
(1) Dmitri Albegov
(2) Gusev Oleg
(3) Newswaves of Denmarkl and Tokak of Denmarkl
(5) Good Ilya

Sakhalin Longboard Session 2015. This is the first time Sahalin's competition. The competition was in the Longbord category. Eleven athletes participated in the field.

The winner of the competition is Eugenia Udovicchenko. In the second place, Maxim Fomin, in the third place, Peter Kaminin, in the fourth place, Pavel Pachezov.