Все, что нужно знать о серфинге, если вы не знаете о нем ничего


Современные серфборды отличаются лёгкостью, а первые серф-доски весили до 70 кг

Hawaii exotic

For Hawaiians, swelling on the board was part of traditional rituals and was initially available exclusively to royal family members. Like the Olympic Games for Greeks, the catastrophe for Hawaii residents was a harmonious combination of sport and art. The first surf competition also took place in Hawaii, and the King ' s participation in it could have lost control of the wave and collapsed from the board.

Modern surf boards impress their lungs and innovations (such as electrical surfboards), and the first gear for this water sport and entertainment has been extensive.Гавайские острова - место рождения серфинга The first surf doses often reached 70 kg. Hawaii made them manual, from a whole bunch of trees.

Interested surf

One of the first stories about the original Hawaiian water entertainment to Europe was brought by Gems King to the Cook expedition. Facilitated the distribution of the surf and famous writer Mark Twen, who visited Hawaii in 1866. In his notes, he was talking about a meeting at one of the beachs with a crowd of naked Hawaiis who had fun with a national fun, a skating on the boards. At the beginning of the 20th century, another famous writer, Jack London, also devoted a later story to this water entertainment.

Рифовые и пляжные волны для серфингаBut yet, the serphony of the world began only in the 1950s, and ever since then, it's been a constant turn. Even though the surfing has become the basis for many other water entertainment (windserfing, SUP-serfing, windbudding, kiteserfing), it still remains as demanded and unfeasible as it is.

Serphony classes

The serfinger uses a falling wave energy to slide on the water surface. Modifying the foot position on the board and the body relative to the surfboard can change the speed and direction of movement. The main task of surfing is catching a wave, and the most interesting are waves that are stuck in a pipe like that, through which the surfer tries to slip through.

Reef and beach waves are different. The reefs are those that break the reef. They're most predictable and therefore perfect for newcomers. But there are risks. First of all, it's possible to get injuries on the reef bottom when it falls into the drain. Another potential danger was the sea snakes that fell in love with them. The glass waves are sanded. They're considered the safest. The logic of waves is soft, smooth and best suited for initial training, and there's a high probability of trauma or sorph dosage on surges.

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