Сравнение Шарм Эль Шейха и Хургады. Где лучше отдыхать и почему?

Serfing In Egyptians

Обучение в школеSafag, located 50 kilometres from Jurgada, could also be called the surf cradle. The sand beach of the resort has large dimensions, and there are Windserfing and kiteserfing schools on the coast. The seashore has no protection against the wind, so the strong waves can be seen near it. The best place to ride the board is the sea near the Shams Hotel and the waters nearby. Those who just start surf trainingthey prefer to ride in the cool water in the special lagoon.

Professional feedback advises the former surfers to go surfing to the desert island of Tybia. The most suitable for surfing is in Safag in August and September.

Selfing in Egypt is not just an extreme entertainment, but for many it becomes a way of life. During the waves, the serfer feels drama, freedom and gambling, and also has the beauty of the red sea.

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