Гид по серфингу на Бали: сезоны, волны и карта серфспотов

Serfing Nuse Dua

So, are we going to surf? But where? In Bali, you say, and you'll be right and wrong at the same time. The balls are big, there's a lot of different singings under different levels of rolling, which not only varies greatly, but they don't look like themselves, it's all seasonal.

Serving and seasons

Now, remember, the dry season (April-October) is a time of great waves, which is during this period, and especially in July and August, the most professional and semi-professional surfers go to Bali for their big wave. You can learn at this time without a problem and in the Cute is a newcomer, but on other sweats, it's gonna be hard to train your skills, waves are two heights, it's power!
From November to March, in the rainy season, the waves are smaller, the perfect time to study (but in Cute during the rainy season). Of course, it's a pretty personal year from year to year, but the whole picture is about that. Keep that in mind when planning your rest.

Kuta and Seminyak

Kuta and Seminyak is a beautiful endless bicbreik for newcomers with a variety of schools and campes. The sandbag, the waves are breaking up near-- what else is needed to catch your first wave?


Bukit is a paradise for advanced shortboarders. Serfers who have been riding for not the first year know the names of those tooths: Uluwat, Padang Padang, Imposibble, Bingin. It's better not to get in here, but to practice on the beby pandang and Jimbaran slots.



Changu's a mix of sweats, everyone's gonna find something in the shower. You want a bitchbrike? Please! Rift sweat? No problem! Shortboards, long waves for Longbords, all here! But for the most part, in the dry season and in the morning, a fairy tale can't last forever! News and Longbord lovers are waiting for Aldman and Batu Bolong. For amateurs of " stronger " : Echo Beach, Brava and Prerenan.

Nusa Dua

Nusa Dua is a great replacement for the dirty Cute in the rainy season. But you don't think there's only the teaching singers - Nikko and Gager - just have to try for advanced surfingists! And Mashrumrouk and Blackstone under different weather conditions will be different.

Сейф-споты Сейф-споты