Для начинающих

Serfing To Learn

I've been surfing for over three years, and I'm often asked a variety of questions about the surf in Bali. During this time, I have traveled a long way from a busy office worker who knows about this fascinating exercise only from the film On the Scream, to a surf instructor. I can immediately say that a lot of effort has to be made, both physical and moral. In order to achieve such a result, such a short period of serfer measures requires a strong motivation, full self-reliance and daily training.

Initially, the surf seemed to me to be untouchable, and the surfers were people who entered the closed club for those who were born on the ocean. Even after reading the information on the Internet, my current view of the surf was far from reality. In this regard, in order to understand the Serfer culture, it will be necessary to go to the ocean with a silver armpit, pre-arming information.

In order to dispel some myths and prepare you to land in an uncharted environment, this article will try to answer most of the frequently asked surf questions in Bali.

Is it possible to develop surfing in Bali without good physical training?

Yeah, maybe. Good physical training for a starter surfer isn't a key moment, but naturally, it's only a plus. Because surfing - it's a water sport, it's necessary to keep on water and not be afraid to dive, but it's not necessary to be a first-class swimmer. If you want to prepare yourself for the surf a little bit, it's a pretty daily morning charge for a good tone. Extremeness is one of the most important and challenging moments in the training of the surf, as there will be a lot of Greeks in the ocean. Don't worry too much about this, your organism will gradually become accustomed to such loads and every next exercise you'll feel much more confident in the water. Recalling my first steps in the surf, faced with the complexity of the surfer ridge, I asked one experienced instructor: " How to learn how to get a good grace on the surfboard? " The answer was very simple and unthinkable: " In order to learn good art, there is a lot of greed! "

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