В Москве появится центр экстремального спорта с бассейном для

Spring Trainer In Moscow

Photo: TAS/Alexandre Ryumin

A centre of extreme sports will be built near the Kuzminki park on Stavropol Street. The draft complex has already been agreed by Mosco Architecture, reporting to the Mayor ' s and Government of Moscow.

In the 6th-stage sports unit, a huge airborne aerial bus is planned for most of the building, as well as an artificial wave pool for surfing.

The air flow generated inside the aerobs will reach 300 kilometres per hour. Any person who wants to fly in it will be able to take a preliminary briefing. Each visitor will be provided with special combinations, helmets, glasses and rabies.

It's possible to fly a whole company, an aerobic will be up to five at the same time. Those who don't decide to fly will be able to watch the shifts from the audience zone.

It is planned that athletic sports world championships will be held in athletic sports, and the aerobic stunts of parachutists will be trained and carried out in the acrobatic stunt.

The Serfing Tranae, which will create an artificial wave for teaching and rolling on the board, will be installed in the pool. The maximum height of the waves will be one metre and can be controlled by the control remote. The training will be conducted under the guidance of the instructor.