Serfing Moscow

At the Volna Sports Centre, a unique training facility for the Serfers will be established in the area of the Good-Mnievniki, and the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Urban Policy and the construction of Marat Husnollin in an interview with the Moskva-24 television station.

" We will build a unique sports facility where amateurs of water sports can be trained in a year-round. The so-called oceanic wave will be established here. Thus, a unique round-trip training base for the surfers will be available in the Good Manniks. In the northern hemisphere, no one has yet built such a facility.” M. Hussein

According to him, the project for the reconstruction of the Javannikov Loan provided for the construction of a number of sports facilities. In addition to the 50,000 square metres of Wolna ' s surfing park, a 100,000 Quadrats area will be erected.

We recall that the project for the reconstruction of the Javannikov site in October was approved by the capital authorities at a meeting of the Moscow City Grode-George Commission. It is decided to establish a Parliamentary Centre for the Federation Council and the State Duma of the Russian Federation.

As M. Husnollin has previously pointed out, its construction will begin in 2015. The transfer of parliamentarians to the north-west of Moscow would unload the capital centre and, secondly, create a new point of attraction in the Good-West Miners.

The development of the area will significantly improve the quality of life of the local population. " There will be a sports centre and a park. It is also planned to build a public business centre and houses. The total area of construction would be about two million square metres. "

Among the planned sports facilities, the largest palace in Moscow is 20,000 viewers and a water sports centre, where the surf can be held in a year round.

At the same time, all green areas will not only be preserved, but are also beneficial. In addition, the Javnikov Park will be merged with the Rylatian and Philly pedestrian and bicycle tracks. Thus, a single parking and recreational zone will be established.