Заказать Серф туры - Surfway


Actually, we do, but our relationship with Balela isn't about that. We really love this place, and when you love it, you live and you don't. It's kind of a feeling that we'd like to be given during the “voluntary tours” when we have 8 to 10 people on our trip. Virtually every time in the tour, the tomatoes suffocate around the house, and that's when we're looking at a real surfer in the shower.

It's hard to say how it turns out that it's Portugal that wants to count its home and that's where it wants to be among its own. Perhaps the reason is that for the first time I was there was absolutely nothing about the country without any expectations. And what Portugal can do is fill it.

As to how the vacation turned into a Volny Tour, there was no change in our account. Literally, upon return from the first trip, our friends expressed their desire to join next time. The friends were friends, and today we're riding with the guys we used to spend three hands full. The only thing that's changed is we've got a logo from the beautiful designer Lisaveta Kurokana, and in our ribbons, we've become a little less annoyed to our friends, stretching pictures a month after the trips, and we've got some scouts for the free tour at the Facebook and Instagram.